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Anna V

Anna V joined Pole Dance Studio as a student in 2012 and is now one of the two “Anna’s” latest additions to the Pole Dance Studio family. Anna is a classically trained dancer with over 15 years of ballet instruction; she was accepted in to the highly prestigious professional Ballet program at the “Escuela Superior de Musica y Danza” in Monterrey Mexico, but left half way through to pursue school full-time. She completed her undergraduate degree in microbiology at the University of Victoria and is currently pursuing her PhD in immunology in cardiovascular diseases at Simon Fraser University.

In addition to dancing and science, Anna’s hobbies include singing, surfing, snowboarding, paddle boarding, as well as being involved in several non-profit organizations including the “Let’s talk Science” and “StemCellTalks” outreach programs. She is a graduate of the CIHR Transplantation Training Program, and is a current member of the BC Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Initiative, and the American Association of Immunologists.


Anna M

Anna M is the other "Anna" who just joined Pole Dance Studio in February 2013. She is the expert "belly-pole dancing" instructor. She moved to Vancouver from Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek approximately 3 years ago with her family. Her natural ability and passion for belly dancing transitioned into her being a belly dancing instructor for over a year now after taking belly dancing classes for over 6 years. Anna M loves personal development psychology. Her life purpose is to empower and inspire millions of people to live their best lives. Besides dance, her hobbies include but are not limited to reading, ping pong, chess, and hiking.



Amanda is the self-admitted master of 2-week trial memberships at gyms, yoga and dance studios before stumbling upon pole dancing at Pole Dance Studio back in June 2012.

Starting as a "newbie" student at Pole Dance Studio she finally realized that she found the perfect fitness routine that she could be passionate about and commit to.

Born and raised in the Northwest Territories where she practiced figure skating and gymnastics, her exposure to learning dance was mostly from watching music videos on MuchMusic. She moved to Vancouver in 2003 for university studies in biology and then switched majors to specialize more in ceramics where she participated in several successful shows in various galleries around Vancouver.

Armed with a unique and edgy look to detract from her gentle nature and original shyness around people, Amanda also volunteers with small animal rescues. She splits up her remaining spare time with PC gaming, hiking, painting, pottery and attending as many live music shows as she can possibly fit into her schedule.



Jacqueline or “Jacqui” is the newest member and one of the youngest of the Pole Dance Studio team. Having just moved here from Victoria, she is also new to Vancouver. She studied philosophy as an undergrad at the University of Victoria and is currently studying Law at the University of British Columbia.

Jacqui performed as a member of a competitive dance team in Victoria, winning awards at dance festivals throughout Vancouver Island. Most of her athletic background is in gymnastics and she is a proud member of the UBC T-Birds Cheerleading team. Besides dance, her hobbies include volunteer work, running, watching football, and of course, studying!



Sharon is proud to be one of the rare breed of pole dancing instructors who never had to 'strip' for a living.

Sharon has a knack for making complicated pole dancing moves look easy, graceful and artistic – "You make it look so easy!" exclaim many of her students. She is Artistic Director and Choreographer for Pole Dance Studio and the original Lead Instructor.

Sharon relates to the 'everyday' women who are her clients and can break down the most complicated moves into easy-to-follow movements that end up being accessible to all her clients – from beginner to advanced.

Always having been active and attracted to competitive and extreme sports most of her life, Sharon started teaching pole dancing as a form of alternative exercise at Fitness World in Kitsilano (now Steve Nash). At that time, pole dancing was still considered a social taboo and has not yet been widely introduced in fitness centres.

Armed with an extensive background in martial arts, fitness and dance, Sharon decided to leave the corporate world to open her own unique pole dancing school – even originally designing her own line of removable dance poles. These original dance poles are still being used in the Studio.

As alumni of the University of British Columbia and with postgraduate studies that have nothing to do with pole dancing, Sharon made a major and gutsy career change into becoming one of the pioneers of pole dancing for fitness as an instructor and inventor of her own line of removable dance poles. But she has now given up on making the dance poles due to the proliferation of more experienced mass marketers who have the manufacturing know-how to distribute and market them worldwide. Instead, she's concentrating on the quality and expansion of Pole Dance Studio's suite of services with the focus on the creative side of pole dancing.

Sharon feels rewarded that she has managed to help convert pole dancing into a legitimate form of exercise and art form that is physically challenging, mentally stimulating and emotionally rewarding.

Sharon's demo practice



"Pole Dance Studio wishes to introduce Jenny (a.k.a. "Victoria Knight") to its team of instructors. Prior to joining the studio, Jenny spent 5 years exotic dancing on The Circuit throughout B.C. and Alberta. With varied dance experience in Jazz, Ballet, and Tap Dancing, and with extensive Yoga training over the years, Jenny has developed a fluid, free-flowing style of dance.

Since her debut in 2000 and after receiving Runner-Up in the "Red Hot Rookie of the Year" at the Moondancer Pub, this lithe vixen had been struttin' her stuff at her favourite venues in Surrey, Victoria, and Kamloops, among other towns in Western Canada. Jenny is distinguished by her "Oscar the Grouch" show which began in a tub of water with the audience singing the Rubber Ducky Song from Sesame St. and which ended with a girl-gone-wild, slip-and-slide splash-fest – much to the delight of the admiring (and soaked) viewers!

In her free time away from the Stage, Jenny designed her own costumes. Nowadays, she continues to explore her creative process by designing and sewing new costumes from time to time. Jenny stays fit and healthy by combining Pilates, Yoga, and Running when not at Pole Dance Studio. An avid student of biology and physiology, Jenny is presently studying to become a Dental Hygienist. When not dancing or studying, Jenny takes care of 3 young children with her partner. Where does this girl find the time??

In 2007, Jenny made her instructional debut during the "Naughty Kitten's Pole Erotica" adult weekend retreat on the Sunshine Coast where she taught women basic pole dancing skills and floor work.

For Jenny, dancing is not only great exercise but also an opportunity to strengthen her relationship with her body. With a focus on the nuances of posture and movement, Jenny's deliberate motions make the difference between dancing and dancing well. Her personal belief is that dancing is a part of what makes us human and what adds to her own confidence as a woman, performer, and entertainer."


Johnny Pleasure
(Male Mannequin)

The perfect male dance instructor. Lap Dancing, that is.

Johnny popped up to the studio one day as Pole Dance Studio was
entertaining the idea of having a male consultant attend the Lap
Dancing and Striptease Workshops to provide a more interactive
component to the workshops. Sensing that Johnny fits the bill of the
strong, silent type, Pole Dance Studio hired Johnny on the spot without so much as accepting an application or conducting an interview.

Johnny is a bit of a mystery. He does not speak about his origin very much. In fact, he doesn't speak at all but listens one hundred percent! Now show us a man who can do that! Johnny is a self-made man who has made a solid career from modeling and pleasing women.

One may think that a male member on Pole Dance Studio's team can't possibly offer students and party participants anything more than what your Average Joe off the street can! (Actually, Joe applied too, but we don't settle for just any Average Joe here at Pole Dance Studio!). Au contraire! Johnny brings an impressive list of qualities in a man that is well-suited to his position in the studio: he's a passive listener, he's flexible, he doesn't complain, he works hard, and – most importantly – he's anatomically correct!

Johnny will never interrupt you, and he will always look you in the
eyes when you are speaking to him. We have yet to hear Johnny complain about anything or give a bad remark to anyone. And Johnny is always..."ready".

Johnny is always present at the studio. You will usually find him sitting in one of the corners on a chair somewhere – you can't miss him…he's devilishly handsome! So, the next time you visit Pole Dance Studio, be sure to make your acquaintance with Johnny – it's guaranteed the pleasure will be all his!



Tatiana is Pole Dance Studio's "Go-To" girl – she's the one with whom you may have spoken on the phone or corresponded via email when planning your group parties or inquiring about schedules and classes.

Being the Studio's Assistant Manager and Sharon's Executive Assistant, Tatiana works tirelessly behind the scene with the administration of the company, and ensures client satisfaction with her efficiency in organization, attention to detail, and diplomatic demeanor. Tatiana is Pole Dance Studio's Home Party specialist and is frequently seen in-studio assisting clients.

Communications Coordinator (Media and Promotions liaison) is Tatiana's official title. For Tatiana, "public exposure" means more than just the casual sense of the phrase -- while wandering around town or rollerblading the Stanley Park Seawall, she shamelessly sports Pole Dance Studio's signature "iPole" sexy tops and booty shorts.

Dancing is Tatiana's passion. She also trains regularly with full intensity at the Studio in both Pole Dancinwg and Chair Dancing. With over 3 years of practice and training behind her, Tatiana's desire to take her level of Dance to even greater heights has allowed her to become one of Pole Dance Studio's most accomplished students. Tatiana has taken Hip Hop and Freestyle Nightclub classes to add to her dance repertoire. Today, Tatiana's addiction to the sensual Latin dance styles of Salsa and Bachata has heavily influenced her personal dance style! Tatiana's other activities include tennis, rollerblading, hiking, camping, watching movies, dining out or cooking in, nature and the outdoors, and an endless pursuit of the Arts (particularly dance and music).