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Ricky Pang
Current Student - 2011

Your studio is a great place to learn. Your instructors are encouraging and very supportive. Absolutely world-class! Their movements are graceful and full of fluidity. The more I learn, the further I respect the artform. For anyone who ever thought about trying it...I'd say, Go For It! Your physical abilities and tone gets better week after week. It's one of the best things that I have ever done! Many thanks Sharon, Jacqui, Jenny, and Tatiana.

Lori Bryan
Stagette Organizer, November 2010

Thank you so much for the great night last night!!! We had such a good time. Even the few skeptics among the group said that it was one of the most fun events they've been to. Just wanted to say thank you!!!

Kathryn Griffiths
Current Student - 2010

Thank you very much Sharon for having such a great space to learn and workout. I love coming to the pole dance studio – everyone is so friendly and helpful. I have a great time, but more importantly, the results are unbelievable! After my first six-week session, I saw strength in my arms, a flatter tummy and dare I say a firmer bum. My energy is up and I have been receiving many complements about my improved figure. If only I had known pole dancing was a full-body workout, which does not put me to sleep like the gym sooner. I have tried classes before, but the personalized instruction has made it so easy to learn. If I can pole dance, anyone can. I have been recommending the pole dance studio to all of my girlfriends – I am addicted!

Andrea Cook
Stagette Organizer, May 2009

I am the maid of honour from the 8:30pm stagette class last night (May15). I just wanted to say thank you to you and our instructor (I forget her name!!...oops). The bride to be and all us ladies had a blast! I would love to come again when I am in town. Please let the instructor know she was a very impressive dancer and we were all jaw-drop amazed at her performance!

Gina Cavalheiro
Master Certification workshop student, March 2009

I had a really great time and look forward to taking the Master Certification workshop again, or coming in for some private lessons next time I am in the city. In the meantime, I am still using the DVDs and handbook to practice and continue to build up my strength and flexibility. Thanks to Sharon and Tatiana for showing me such a fun and new approach to exercise!!

L. Zhang (Ontario, Canada)
Professional Artist/Illustrator

The DVD has arrived yesterday (Jan 29th) in very good condition. Of course, I spent the whole afternoon watching it. I love how Sharon demonstrated her unique choreography step by step and it's so easy to follow. It's truly inspirational to me as I am an advanced pole fitness instructor lacking dance choreography skills. Thank you for all your time and such a fantastic job on the DVDs, and I look forward to see more of the Choreography Series very soon!

Cameron H. and Aaron C.

My friend Aaron also signed up for Pole Dance 1...we had a great time at the workshop. You guys really know what you're doing and we felt so comfortable. Thanks for making it such a fantastic experience.

Gylliayn Patrick
Graphic Designer

I have never tried chair dancing before and always wanted to. I purchased the Pole Dance Studio Chair Dancing -Series one DVD and love it. Sharon shows us step by step, slow motion how to do each move. After each set, I played the section where I can dance with the group. I had so much fun! I look great, feel great and what an amazing work out! Thanks Sharon!

Stagette Group, Summer 2008

Thanks Tatiana for everything on Saturday. It was a blast for all of us! Sarah was fabulous and Caprice was super wild & fun. We will be back for sure!

Stagette Group, Spring 2008

Thanks to you and your staff for a great time on Saturday! We were the 4pm class and we had so much fun! It was definitely the highlight of our evening and we will be coming back in the future! You guys are running a great business over there! Our group wasn't sure at first how we would like it, but just a few minutes after we settled down we were having a blast! Thanks!

Tracy Rodger (Calgary, AB / Glasgow, Scotland)

I did the Pole Dance and Chair Dance level one classes 2 nights a week for a month, and in that time I lost 5 pounds! I found that those classes gave me the extra I needed to lose weight. They were just so fun that I didn't even realize ('til the next day) that I had really been working out so hard. I loved my classes there and still try to recommend them to local girls I know. Thanks again to Sharon who taught both my classes!

Rose Chung (Stagette Group)

I would like to thank Tatiana again for everything this past Saturday. Everyone had a blast at the lessons. And last but not least, thank you for the thoughtfulness and for helping us getting into the Caprice. It was really kind of you to arrange that for us. Everyone had a wonderful and fun time at the club. Take care and see you in the near future!

Morgan Moreno (Stagette Group)

I just wanted to let you know what a great time that we all had on
Saturday! It was definitely the highlight of the evening and the
bride had a wonderful time. We all had nothing but great things to say about Pole Dance Studio, and I have already recommended the studio to many people. Thanks again!

Lumi Sato, UBC worker

Hello Sharon! I am very happy taking your classes. I do lots of dancing including salsa, Lindy hop, West Coast Swing, night club on 2, cha cha, tango.etc. but I find pole dancing to be the most challenging and sexiest I have ever learned! I love your energy in class and your consistent choreography style.

Sarah Karsten - Destination Lead and Travel Consultant, Intrawest

Chair Dance is one of the most fun and entertaining classes I have ever taken. The moves are easy to learn and as well as being a great workout it’s a real confidence boost!

Heather Ross (birthday party held in January 2007)

Thank you so much for an amazingly fun birthday. All the girls really enjoyed it. One supposedly wants to have her birthday there in May, so I'm so excited that I'll get to come back and learn some more! Wish I still lived in Vancouver so that I could take the classes.

Sharon: Thank you so much for showing me the extra moves. Again, you are such a graceful, elegant, beautiful dancer and it was my pleasure to learn from you. See you again...

Lisa L.Z, Daytime Utilities Manager, Nighttime Pole Fitness Instructor (Edmonton)

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to get to know you and your staff. The instruction was a real inspiration and I enjoyed every minute of it. I have taken your advise and signed up for Fitness Instructor Theory and Fitness Instructor Practical.

I understand that Carrie will be contacting you to send my daughters Nakita and Stacey, her 2 other instructors on the next available dates for certification. We came back with such great enthusiasm and encouragement about the certification that she will be calling you.

I was impressed at the professionalism in your studio and look forward to further contact and growth for both of us.

Leticia Allen (Atlanta, Georgia)

Hi Sharon. I so enjoyed my (private) lessons with you. You are a remarkable young woman. I love visiting Vancouver and am looking forward to next year. Hopefully you'll be available to teach me if you are not too busy. I'll think of you with a smile

Tara Murray, stagette group

I would just like to say thank you very much for the stag we had there Saturday night for my sister...it was awesome...I must say everyone had an absolute blast!!!

And to Sharon & Sarah, you were amazing teachers, really great! You guys totally made us feel comfortable and had so much fun thanks alot you guys!

I grabbed your card on the way out so I'll for sure keep you guys in mind for future events!

Patricia Louis, Mom & Office Worker, Health Canada

I took this class to get rid of that last stubborn ten pounds. And it worked and it was so much fun. I was so totally uncoordinated but after one set of classes, a lot of people including myself noticed how much more graceful I am. I am more confident about my body image and a lot people noticed that I lost weight as well. I recommend this class to build muscle and lose those annoying extra pounds. The classes are fun and small and the instructor does not talk down to you. Every step of the way is very encouraging. Thank you very much for showing me how graceful I can be.

Alice Zhou, Vancouver's Networking Queen
Gracious Host Events

Sharon, thank you for the amazing two day workshop you put on. I had so much fun and what an amazing workshop. I want to give my kudos to you for being a beautiful, fearless female and running a very successful company.

Natasha Yule (pole dancing group)

We had SO much fun on Sunday night! All the girls had such a fantastic time, and you were awesome as always! I'm sending you the pics. These pics are hilarious - bet you've never had a group as crazy as us! I'll see you soon for sure - we plan on making this a regular girls night out! And ashley and I will be back taking more of your classes in the new year!

Tatiana Petrova

All my life, I was afraid to dance, afraid to let go of personal
inhibitions and have never enrolled in any formal dance training. I had only taken 2 tentative hours of private pole dancing instruction prior to stepping into one of your group classes in mid May of 2005. Since that day I knew that I had found an accommodating instructor that would teach me according to my own pace. Seven months later, I have taken virtually every course or class you have offered: Group classes, private lessons, lap dancing workshops, and even your Pole Dancing Master Certification course!

With my inhibitions shed long ago and my confidence and skill with my dancing growing every day, I look forward to each and every class with much anticipation. Through my own motivation to excel and through your inspiration, tutelage, and positive demeanor, I have surpassed any expectations I placed upon myself and I feel limited only by your background in Dance and your creativity. Your artistry and grace are my examples to which I strive. Your physical fitness is at a level I wish to achieve. From our training, I have seen a notable improvement in my flexibility, nimbleness, and posture; I have a greater sense of my body and sexuality in general; and I my confidence has soared. I wish more women could experience your pole dancing classes and discover themselves through this unique form of self-expression.

I can’t say enough positive things about your ability as an instructor and personal dance coach, or your studio’s facilities! You have taught me more than just pole dancing, and for that I’m eternally grateful, Sharon! Thank you!

Jennifer Nelson, Pole Lot of Fun

I want to thank you again for a wonderful, invigorating and
informative (Master Certification) workshop! Though my body feels it today and probably showed it in my crazy lap dance yesterday the PAIN was worth every > minute! Ha Ha! I had so much fun and picked up many tips and tricks to enhance the pole world here in Calgary.

Please keep in touch! And I promise I will be back again for some more pole fun...

Yasiv Marin, make-up artist

I had so much fun in your class...I had a great workout...Your class was actually way over my expectations. Remember I told you I’m currently taking some lessons with (company name omitted). Well I’ve taken 3 classes of theirs so far (it’s just once a week)...and I’ve learned more with your first class than I have those 3 times I’ve been to theirs! I mean, in those 3 classes, the most I spent on the pole was maximum 15 minutes all together...probably less. It’s ridiculous!

Oh and I’ve already started recommending you...so yeah I’m very pleased with the way you teach the class...you make it really fun and you have a great attitude and I’m sure you’ve had many years of experience...and you’re super fit...you’re an expert. I definitely would start taking your classes on a regular basis!

Marsha Ellis, Nurse

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful class you gave for my sister and her friends. It was a great event for a stagette party. You were very professional and your studio was clean, beautiful, and perfect for a “girls night out” venue. You provide an energetic environment, which allows everyone to feel welcome, comfortable, and safe. I have never laughed so hard, and I know that I can speak for the rest of the crowd, when I say that it was an unforgettable night. We talked about it all night and continue to talk about it. You make it so much fun that you forget that you are getting a work out. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a great event, or for those who actually want to tone up and lose weight but have fun at
the same time. We were a group of moms, teachers, business women, and health care professionals, and if people had there doubts at the beginning they quickly forgot and began to have fun and laugh. Thanks again for everything.

Kimmy C., Intuitive Soul Chiropractic

I realize I haven't gotten enough exercise for a long after trying your pole dancing class. I got muscle soreness afterwards. Pole dance is a great way to use my legs, arms and abs. It's a really fun whole body workout.

Everyone in the class is attracted by your demo. Your posture, the way you use your body is sexy and beautiful. It's such a performance art. I really enjoy and appreciate it. My mom is visiting Vancouver... She does yoga, aerobics, and ballroom dancing. I would like for her to try your class. She might be interested in trying it out.

Andrea Read, Homemaker, Age 40...

I saw a show on Oprah about pole dance fitness and saw how everyday women are able to be involved and look graceful and wonderful. That's when I decided to try a class with Pole Dance Studio at Kits Fitness World.

I loved the individual attention and the instructors are very supportive! I had a very positive feeling when taking the class, so much so I bought a Vixxen dance pole and use it as part of my fitness regime 4-5 times a week. I am pleased with the look I am receiving with my upper body development (it's better than using weights) and it provides an enjoyable way to get a cardio workout.

Shelley Leversage, Dental Hygienist & Business Owner...

I was recommended by a friend of mine to try "something new" to shake up my workout routine.

I was reluctant at first since I couldn't help but have a preconception of what the goings on may be in such a class as this. I am "a professional" after all (I have my own business www.lioninthesun.ca and am a Dental Hygienist). With a little nudge and a few encouraging words from my friend I thought "sure why not". My workout routine was becoming just that..."routine"! So I ventured out to Fitness World in Kits to try it out.

With Sharon and her amazing group I found out quickly that my "preconceptions" were completely unfounded...I was with a bunch of women from different backgrounds and professions that were wanting to "spice up" their workouts too. And I must say that you do get a great workout on these poles, yet you don't view it like that at the time. It's just so much fun! Of course, you learn some great moves that can certainly help in the romance department too.

Thank you, Sharon for the refreshing and fun change to my workout!

Chrystal Jones, Securities firm, Age 25...

I purchased a Vixxen Dance Pole to use for a February 10 double birthday party -- for me and my mom. It was fun, really fun. All ages attended the party. Everyone had so much fun that it's now going to become a yearly tradition.

Classes provided a good laugh (lots of fun). Makes you feel sexy and it's cool that anyone can do this (learn the moves) for themselves or dance for your husband or boyfriend.

Sharon was very good to deal with. She was nice and very helpful. Provided lots of information and even followed up after the party to see how things went.

Tracy Buckshan, Pharmacy Technician, Age 26...

The classes were tonnes of fun! Great way to end a stressful week.

Sophie Luxton (in Toronto), Kata Kata Dance - Artistic Director...

I have used the Vixxen pole both for teaching my classes and for myself and have had nothing but success with it. It feels great on the hands and is easy and fast to install - honestly! I would recommend it above other pole designs I have tried. I have found the Vixxen dance pole to be the easiest pole to work with and if I were closer (to Vancouver), I'd use more!

Cheers and thanks again! www.katakatadance.com

Wanda H, Executive, Business Development...

I would like to thank you for the pole dance classes that I took at Fitness World. I thoroughly enjoyed them and found a wonderful new way to exercise. I love to keep fit and constantly search for ways to relieve the boredom of repetitious exercise. Your class was an excellent choice and I would highly recommend it to my friends.

On another note, regarding your teaching style, I thought it was great. You were thoroughly professional, and always kept the tone of your style on a high level. You helped us students and showed us the moves in a way we understood.