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Q: I'm a beginner. What class(es) should I take?

A: There are several options available for first-time students who want to try just one class/workshop:

  • Curious About Pole Dancing and/or Chair Dancing: a 1-hour introductory class focusing on the first basic movements for both Pole and Chair Dancing – an excellent primer for Pole Dance level 1!
  • Sensual Movement Workshop: a 1.5-hour workshop focusing on basic Lap Dancing movements and techniques; take the following Sensual Striptease workshop for maximum benefit.
  • Sensual Striptease Workshop: a 1.5-hour workshop developing simple yet sexy routines from the basic movement and techniques learned in the preceding Sensual Movement workshop. Sensual Movement workshop recommended prior to taking this workshop.
  • Basic Pole Fluidity Workshop: a 1.5-hour workshop focusing on the fundamentals of body movement and techniques required for basic Pole Dancing.

And for those first-time students who want to try an entire Beginner’s 6-week program:

  • Pole Dance level 1 (Beginner): a 6-week program (total of 6 hours of instruction) designed to develop the dance foundation for all subsequent higher levels of Pole Dancing
  • Chair Dance level 1(Beginner): a 6-week program (total of 6 hours of instruction) which introduces the student to a fun and sexy style of dance with a chair.  Unique to Pole Dance Studio!  A low-impact alternative to Pole Dancing.
  • Fun Intensive Training (F.I.T.) Classes: a 6-week program (total of 6 hours of instruction) that challenges the novice and experienced dancers alike!  A different fitness-based class every week.  Bring a towel and some water … you’re going to need it!
  • “Create-a-Class” Customized Schedule: Schedule your own program to fit your own personal schedule!  Gather a group of 5 friends, determine when everyone is available, and then schedule a workshop or an entire program at Pole Dance Studio! It's THAT easy!

Q: What if I want to spend more time just practicing my moves on the pole?

A: You can practice at the studio outside of the regular class schedule up to twice a week by participating in the Practice Sessions.  You must have completed or are currently registered for Pole Dance level 1 in order to participate in the Practice Sessions (Freestyle), as minimum supervision applies during Practice Sessions.

Practice Sessions are 1-hour freestyle studio sessions open to all students of all levels currently registered in Pole Dance Studio's 6-week programs or to students that present valid Punch Cards. Sessions are currently scheduled twice a week on different days including weekends to accommodate different schedules.  Practice Sessions are FREE to Members. Non-Members must pay for each session or may purchase Punch Cards to be eligible to attend Practice Sessions.

Practice the moves and choreography from the previous lesson or experiment with the moves and variations to create your own routines!

Q: Can I do a drop-in?

A: Classes, Programs, and Workshops are reserved for registered clients only. We offer several 1-time classes and workshops throughout each month.  You will still need to register prior to these 1-time classes. Please see the above for a list of 1-time classes and workshops available for “drop-ins”.  Please see Calendar for dates of upcoming classes and workshops. 

Q: I want to learn as much as I can about pole dancing. What should I do?

A: There are 2 recommended options, depending on your availability and personal schedule:

  • Master Certification Workshop: an intensive 10-hour, 2-Day Master Certification workshop offered only a few times per year.  An excellent “Crash Course” for those passionate pole dancer wannabe's who want to learn more pole spins, floor work, and artistic choreographed moves. This workshop is designed for: beginner to intermediate pole dancers; for both dancers and non-dancers; and for aspiring instructors wanting to develop teaching techniques and methodology for pole dancing, chair dancing, lap dancing, and striptease!  Students will build a comprehensive dance foundation for pole dancing, chair dancing, lap dancing, and even striptease, as well as learning fun, easy-to-follow choreographies.
  • Pole Dance Studio Membership Plans: 6-month and 12-month membership plans offer free programs and practice sessions, discounts on programs and workshops, guest privileges, and other savings for the most dedicated of Pole Dancers!  If you wish to “learn it all” by registering in every program that we offer, we highly recommend the “PDS Membership Advantage” which offers substantial savings!

Q: How fit do I have to be to join the classes or workshops?

A: We are open to students of all fitness levels, all shapes, and all sizes!  We do not expect everyone to be super-fit after just one class. Our instructors do a certain amount of customization to accommodate individual fitness levels, as most students have never even touched a pole before coming to our class! Our classes are known for the quality of instruction, quality of content and the challenging physical workouts. You WILL get a workout, and you WILL become more fit over time!

Q: Are there men in the classes?

A: Virtually all of our clients and students are women. But because of the new studio's proximity to Celebrities nightclub and Vancouver’s West End, we are bound to have gay male clients interested in learning how to pole dance. We welcome them to register and participate if they wish.  We just want to ensure everyone is aware that the dance moves taught in the classes and workshops are intended to highlight strength and femininity of the female body.

Q: What background do the majority of students have?

A: Most students start out as beginners and some are repeat students. Some students have dance experience while others have absolutely none.  Students range in age from 18 to 65 years old, and come from all walks of life.

Q: What are the class sizes?

A: For weekly programs, we aim to maintain smaller class sizes to provide individual attention and quality of instruction to our clients. Although we strive to provide each client their OWN POLE during the course, there is no guarantee that they will not have to share the pole with other students in the class.

For Stagettes and Private Group Parties, there is no limit to the number of participants.  Our very spacious penthouse suite dance studio can accommodate groups in excess of 20 people.

Q: Are the moves in the workshops extremely difficult to master?

A: We don’t expect you to master all the moves but we do expect you to have fun. Try not to compare yourself to other people in the class. Each person is unique and everyone goes through different learning curves. Advancement in classes is up to each individual. As you progress, you can move on in your own time, or stay at a level where you feel comfortable. There is no pressure.

Each person may also have a different focus on what they want to get out of the class. Some students may just want to learn basic, sexy moves that they can show off to their partners and friends. Others may want to learn the more acrobatic aspects of the pole and push themselves to go beyond their comfort level.  Many students want to get a sexy workout because they’re bored with current workout routines.  Most people generally want multiple benefits from class.  And EVERYONE wants to learn something new!  During even the basic programs, you will find that you and your fellow classmates experience an amazing transformation.  Watch as your self-confidence grows while you learn some interesting (and practical) new dance skills!

Students begin to master the fundamentals of most of the moves by the end of the program. Having the motivation to learn and the patience to practice and perfect allows the student to learn moves very quickly.  As instructors, we are sometimes surprised at how quickly our students pick-up on the movements and techniques!

Q: What will I learn during Pole Dance Studio’s dance programs?

A: Pole Dance Studio’s programs combine the exotic pole dancing and sensual floor work previously only seen in Gentleman’s Clubs with the grace and style of Ballet, Belly-Dancing, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, and Modern Dance.  This combination of dance styles is then fused with the fitness components of Aerobics, Martials Arts, Pilates, and Yoga modified to suit the art of pole dancing to create a truly unique form of exercise that focuses on fun and enjoyment!

The various movements and techniques used throughout the programs will combine strength conditioning, core exercises, and sexy dance moves into a total body workout. The classes are organized into structured workouts complete with a cardio striptease warm-up, a combination of muscle conditioning, strength training, and resistance training, and a cool-down with stretching and floor work with blankets. We strive to set a comfortable, non-threatening environment where you will have fun getting a phenomenal workout at the same time. We accommodate all fitness levels by customizing the moves according to each individual.

At the beginning of each class, students will be shown a preview of the routine(s) to be covered in each session.  Each routine will be broken down into their individual dance elements, and each element will be demonstrated and practiced before being combined into the sexy routine we expect you to show off to your friends or partner, or just perform for your own entertainment!

Pole Dance Studio classes, programs, and workshops are structured and progressive: each class developing new movement and techniques while building upon the fundamentals taught during the instruction of the previous class; each program building upon the skills learned from the previous program. 

Some of the pole work, dance movements, and sexy floor work you will learn or be exposed to may include but will not be limited to the following:

Basic Spins and Pole Moves:
Spins included: Seesaw, Fireman, Fronthook, Backhook, Sweepers (Low and High), Boomerang, Pretzel, Reverse Pretzel, Pretzel Alternative, Falling Angel, Spindle, etc.
Non-spins included: Pin-up girl, Booty Lift, Sidewinders, Stripper walk, Bodywave, Stripper Hip Flex, Drop bomb, Pirouettes, Pedal Push, Chopsticks, Wall Slides, Back and Side Slides, Chopsticks, Dip, etc.

Floor Work and Wall Work:
Cat and Lioness crawls, Scorpion, Sitting Cat, Cat Slide, Bicycle, Stockings, Flirt, Fiddler, Wide Open Legs splay, Hip circles, Spine circles, Side leg peels, Crossovers, Bridge Grind, Booty lift, Barrel, Snake slides, Pumps, Body circles, Hourglass, Sexy getting up, Sexy getting down, Fiddler, Back arches, Frisks, Various Floor Spins using Blanket, Sexy stretches, Lean out pole stretches, etc.


Other Dance Moves including Chair Dance:
Various cardio warm-up and dance movements including cardio striptease, burlesque movements, Leg paintbrush,
No. 4 dance moves, Slither, California roll, Double Bubble, Mambo, etc.
Chair Dance included: Half Moon Sway, Ladder, Window, London Bridge, Over the Rainbow, Orbit, Jacknife, Branch, Various Pivots and Turns, Floor work, etc.

Advanced Spins and Pole moves:
Various Inverts (Upside Down), Suspensions, Pole Climbs, Spinning Climbs, Cartwheel, Layouts, Handstands, Headstands, The Peter Pan, Hooking Angel, Triple Spin Combo, Slinky, Rip Curl, Backward somersault, Reverse Caterpillar, Shoulder Mount Flips, etc.

Q: Is there stripping involved?

A: Stripping is neither encouraged nor expected – only stripping away inhibitions without stripping off your clothes. The more you attend our workshops, the more confidence you will gain.

Q: What should I wear?

A: You may go barefoot or wear dance, gym, or ballet slippers in the studio. Socks will be too slippery on the hardwood floor.

Wear comfortable, close fitting, workout clothes you’d normally wear to a yoga class or to the gym.  Anything with lycra or spandex is also very suitable. 

Make sure that your hands are free of oil or lotion. Avoid wearing lotion on your legs if you’re wearing shorts, as you will not be able to stick to the pole during some of the suspension holds and poses.

Q: What should I NOT wear?

A: Avoid baggy clothing – after all, you DO want to feel sexy!  Avoid tight, restrictive clothing as well.   Do not wear jewelry of any kind on your fingers, wrists, ankles, or toes.

Q: What if I missed a class?

A: Clients unable to attend a class within a 6-week program (due to personal schedule conflicts, unanticipated circumstances, etc.) will not be permitted to make up for that missed class.

As of October 1st, 2007, Pole Dance Studio has changed the regular class schedule to accommodate 6-week programs and 1-hour long classes.  The new format of longer programs and shorter classes will allow for a more gradual learning experience over the course of 6 weeks rather than the previous format of 4 weeks.  As such, missing a class will not necessarily affect clients’ progress. 

Clients wishing to complete a particular program from which they missed classes must contact Pole Dance Studio management and make a formal request to attend a class in a future scheduled program of the same or lower level.  Requests will be considered based on program or class availability and upon the discretion of Pole Dance Studio management.  Extra classes will be charged at a prorated cost to the client based upon management approval.

For further details, please see our Cancellation Policy .

Q: What is your Cancellation Policy?

A: For Introductory Classes, Private Lessons, Workshops and other Programs a refund will be issued minus a 20% administration if you cancel at least 72 hours before the official first class or scheduled lesson. Fifty percent refund if you cancel between 72 to 48 hours before class. No refunds if less than 48 hours' notice. You also have the option to transfer a class, workshop or program to another person if you have given adequate notice per the stipulations above.

For Stagette (or Bachelorette) and Private Parties, the deposit is non-refundable. You have the option to re-schedule your Party for a different time and/or date (availability permitting) at no cost as long as you provide Pole Dance Studio management at least 7 days' notice prior to your previously confirmed reservation. If you wish to re-schedule your Party for a different time and/or date (availability permitting) on short notice (less than 7 days) but more than 24 hours, you will be charged a $25 administrative fee. There is no refund for same day cancellations.

For further details, please see our Cancellation Policy .

Q: Do you teach Private Lessons?

A: Yes. We offer Private Lessons to individuals and small groups. Private Lessons will be held at the studio downtown on Davie St. near the corner of Burrard St.

We offer Private Lessons on: intensive pole dancing workouts, lap dancing lessons and choreographed technical pole dancing routines customized for each client. We accommodate requests for specific lessons. Please contact us to schedule and register your Private Lessons.

Q: Can I rent a pole?

A: We have a professional platform pole available for Special Events and corporate rental. Contact us for details.

Q: Do you Stagette/Bachelorette parties, Private Groups, or Special Events?

A: Yes. Contact us via email or phone 604-000-0000.  Click here for more details regarding our Stagettes and Private Parties.

Q: Do I have to pay an initiation or membership fee to take classes or workshops?

A: No, you will not be required to pay an initiation or membership fee to register for Classes, Programs, Workshops, or Private Lessons.  You will not be required to pay any additional fees to book and reserve a Stagette/Bachelorette party, or a Private Group Party.
You must have previously completed or be currently registered in Pole Dancelevel 1 or higher to purchase Practice Session Punch Cards. 

Q: Do you offer memberships to your studio?

A: Yes.  We presently offer 6-month and 12-month Membership Plans.  “Pole Dance Studio Membership Advantage” plans offers clients significant savings, a variety of discounts, guest privileges, and flexibility of options. Membership Plans are optional, but recommended for those that wish to register for programs on a frequent basis.

For further details, please see Pole Dance Studio Membership Plans

Q. Are we allowed to bring cameras and video recorders?

A. Cameras are allowed during Stagettes and Private Group Parties. Video recording is allowed with certain restrictions. If you want to bring a video camera, you may only record after the pole dancing and lap dancing lessons in your stagettes or private group party bookings. The recording can not include the instructors, the instruction, nor the lessons. You can record the participants in your group only after the instructions and lessons have been completed or during breaks between the instructions and lessons. You can take digital still pictures anytime during your party. Digital pictures can include everyone. No restrictions on still digital pictures.

For students registered in 6-week programs, you may bring your cameras to your last class, and you’ll have opportunity at the end of the last class to take sexy pictures of yourself and your classmates with the poles, chairs, male mannequin, instructors, or even the water cooler for that matter!  What you do with the pictures is up to you!